The Game

Royal Showdown is a fast-paced table game that pits players against the dealer.

The game uses multiple decks of cards containing 9's through Aces and may be played by up to six players simultaneously.

Royal Showdown is known for a methodical rate of play with a high hit rate of small payouts combined with opportunities for much larger payouts, resulting in a game with intermittent positive reinforcement that keeps players engaged at the table. While technically a game of skill, most hands are played in a straightforward manner, and it is easy to learn proper strategy.

The game is simple to deal and offers payout flexibility with attractive house edge options.

The Objective

The player's goal is to obtain a 3-card hand that contains more of a particular face card than the dealer's hand. Players can choose to bet on Jacks, Queens or Kings after the dealer partially reveals their hand.

Prior to the deal, players may also place an additional side bet wager and win if their hand contains any diamond-suited face cards.

The Rules

  1. Players place an initial wager for the main game.
  2. Players place an optional "Diamond Bonus" side bet wager.
  3. Dealer is dealt 3 cards, two face up and one face down.
  4. Players push their initial wager to the "Jack", "Queen", or "King" betting area.
  5. Players may optionally match their initial wager and place an equal bet on one or both of the remaining "Jack", "Queen", or "King" betting areas.
  6. Players are dealt 3 cards face up, after which the dealer's third card is revealed.
  7. Players are paid according to the main pay table for each of the "Jack", "Queen", and "King" bets if their hand contains more of the corresponding face card than the dealer's hand.
  8. Players are paid according to the "Diamond Bonus" pay table if their hand contains a qualifying hand.

The Strategy

Basic strategy for the main bet is to place bets on any face cards that the dealer does not reveal.

  • If the dealer shows 0 face cards, place 2 additional wagers and bet on all 3 face cards.
  • If the dealer shows 1 face card, place 1 additional wager and bet on the 2 face cards not revealed by the dealer.
  • If the dealer shows 2 different face cards, push the main bet wager to the 1 face card not revealed by the dealer. Do not place any additional wagers.